Acceptable Usage policy

Acceptable Usage. The Learning Management System performs a range of activities required to conduct the business of Government. It helps fulfill the Ministry’s mandate. It exists to facilitate core government purposes.

Unacceptable Usage. Unacceptable use impedes the work of others or needlessly squanders on-line resources. It may unintentionally damage the LMS infrastructure and affect the ministry’s ability to carry out its work. Unacceptable use may generate extra costs.  It is unacceptable to:

  • Use, copy or otherwise access anyone else’s file without permission
  • Use the Government’s LMS infrastructure for activities that contravene the law, existing policies or regulations
  • Permit unauthorized access
  • Damage files, equipment, software or data belonging to others
  • Use or attempt to use unauthorized access methods or abilities
  • Cause, permit or attempt any installation of hardware or software
  • Cause, permit or attempt destruction or modification of data or equipment

The above list is not exhaustive.

Monitoring. The Government reserves the right to access the contents of all files stored on the LMS and all messages transmitted through its information technology infrastructure.

Application. This policy applies to employees appointed under The Public Service Act, 1998 who use any on-line resources which are owned by the Government of Saskatchewan or

  • Are licensed or leased by the Government of Saskatchewan
  • Connect directly to Government data or telephone networks
  • Connect directly to a computer or other device owned or operated by the Government and/or
  • Otherwise use or affect the Government of Saskatchewan’s information technology infrastructure

This policy also applies to those working under contract to the government who use the Government’s information technology resources.

Authority. The Public Service Act, 1998

Inquiries. Public Service Commission